Sophia Zen Sangha

A Soto Zen Women’s Sangha

Sophia Zen Sangha is named in honor of the “Wisdom Beyond Wisdom” known as Sophia in western contemplative traditions and Prajna Paramita in Buddhist teachings.  She is the fullness of Wisdom beyond the limits of human consciousness and the completion Wisdom in Love.  We are women who consistently connect personal awakening with the evolution of the Universe, the healing of Earth and the liberation of humanity.  We understand  Buddha as the Awakening Reality of the Universe, Dharma as the Way the Universe is working and Sangha as a community practicing together for the sake of  all beings. 

Prajnaparamita Altar

Sophia Zen women gather regularly for sitting zazen, dharma teachings and dialogue, a closing sitting, chant or ritual.  We emphasize direct personal engagement with the teachings in  supportive,  informal dialogue.  Each member commits to daily sitting.  Joining Sophia Zen Sangha is possible at any time.

Sophia Zen Sangha was founded in 2010 and is guided by Prajnatara Paula Hirschboeck.  We meet in person when possible in Madison and in Brookfield, WI. We also meet online.  Sophia Zen is one of several centers led by the dharma heirs of Sojun Diane Martin, Roshi,  as part of the national Udumbara  Zen Center (see Affiliates).  Sophia Zen Sangha is in the Soto Zen lineages of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and Dainin Katagiri, Roshi.

Here is information on Prajnatara Paula’ book, Turning and Being Turned.