Guiding Teacher

Prajnatara  Paula Hirschboeck is the guiding teacher for Sophia Zen Sangha.   Previously, as a Professor of Philosophy at Edgewood College, Madison, WI, she developed and taught  “Philosophies of Earth,” “The New Universe Story,” “Change Your Mind, Change the World.”  She co-founded the college’s Environmental Studies Program and a Madison interfaith spirituality center, “Wisdom’s Well.”

Prajnatara  Paula Hirschboeck

During her 25 years as a Dominican Sister, she studied and practiced Soto Zen informally.  In the mid 90’s she began formal Zen Buddhist training with Sojun Diane Martin, founder of Udumbara Zen Center. She was ordained in 2010 and received Dharma transmission in 2016. 

Prajnatara Paula Hirschboeck has a unique  capacity to teach and practice at the intersection of Zen’s wisdom with our perilous future within the Earth community. She offers us a handbook of Zen practices for any reader, Buddhist or not, who  aspires to be the realization of loving wisdom  at this moment.