Study and Practice

Current Study
In January 2023 we began study and practice with Not One Single Thing: A Commentary on the Platform Sutra by Shodo Harada. Students also gather informally in small “practice pods” and for other study opportunities.  


 Study Our Buddhas Heritage: How did the Soto Zen school we experience in the United States evolve from its Buddhist beginnings in India? Discover the history and unique contributions of our Soto lineage. This overview of Chinese (Chan) and Japanese (Zen) cross cultural evolution will be led by Nyokai Pat and Yuge Julia. 

Turning and Being Turned:  Prajnatara Paula has learned there is interest in discussing her book.  If you would like to indicate your interest email Paula at by Feb. 1st.  Informal discussions can then be arranged, either in person and/ or on Zoom.

Trainings offered
Lay Ordination (Jukai)
Priest Ordination
Priest Transmission/Lay Transmission

There is no charge for the teachings donations (“dana,”) are appreciated.